Rosco is a full service production company based in London, Paris, LA, and New York

Rosco interprets brands and briefs to build visions into
realities. We are our relationships and our network, greater than the sum of our parts. We balance experience with intuition, organisation with curation.

Our service is responsive and generous. We anticipate needs and exceed requirements.


We are our actions. Our reputation matters to us. We believe in people and forge lasting relationships with our community, founded on trust and transparency.


Our approach is dynamic and personality driven. We adopt and adapt to new technologies and new ways of working. Challenges are opportunities for discovery and growth.


We are ambitious for our clients, our networks and our industry. We nurture emerging talent. Social, ethical and sustainable practices are embedded and integrated. We take our responsibilities and achievements seriously.


Relaxed precision is our preferred way of working. Production is hard work but it should also be fun. Enjoyable experiences tend to deliver the best results.